I personalise all performance interventions to ensure they are unique to each client and completely geared toward your specific needs. Services include individual performance enhancement, team/group performance, coaching, resilience training, injury rehabilitation, tailored workshops and talks, education and so much more. 


Experience in Sport  and Performance Psychology

I have provided services to individual athletes, players and teams involved in both national and international elite sport, including Gaelic games, basketball, athletics and dance. I hold a First Class Masters Degree in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology from the University of Limerick. My research work has been presented at sport psychology conferences in both Ireland and Great Britain. This knowledge of elite performance transfers naturally to the corporate and business sector. I work with leading corporate organisations, businesses and professionals in the areas of leadership, team-building, wellness and human performance. My target is to assist people in finding their best, while creating a culture of high performance with little impact.


Experience in corporate and media coaching

I’m a professional broadcaster and media consultant with experience in print, radio, television and online content. As an award-winning journalist, I can equip individuals for public relations assignments and media interviews. A proven educator, I lectured in communications and broadcasting in Dublin City University. 

My background in media as well as my professional qualifications, give me an excellent grounding in the expectations of the modern business world, and also how the demands placed upon individuals and teams can create stressors, anxiety and impair their ability.


I acquired skills in live current affairs and sports broadcasting that I now share with people who need to know how to think fast, react under pressure and not allow themselves to be crippled by anxiety or confidence issues. 

MC and speaker

I have considerable MC and speaking experience. I have hosted events for various organisations including Ladies Gaelic Football Association, the Camogie Association, Lidl, Foras na Gaeilge and many more. I also have spoken at events on the subjects of psychology, organisational stress, well-being, Irish language advocacy and what my media experiences have taught me. I contribute regularly to various TV and radio shows on the above subjects as well. 


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Máire Treasa was our host for the 2017 Lidl NFL Teams of the League, a presentation that sees over 50 individual presentations taking place over the space of just 45 minutes whilst a full sit-down meal is also being consumed. Máire Treasa managed the situation in her typically professional manner, keeping proceedings moving whilst also bringing great knowledge to her role as well as a great sense of humor. She also has the added bonus of being able to add her psychological knowledge to events in a light way, meaning audiences usually leave knowing something new.
— Ladies Gaelic Football Association

Máire Treasa’s executive coaching skills were invaluable in giving me a different point of view. I initially didn’t see the importance or the need for an executive coach, but with her help I was able to recognise where I could improve myself. I opened up new avenues of business due to a complete reassessment of my skills and abilities, while exploring paths to self-improvement. Her unique ability to recognise and understand complex business relationships has revolutionised my thinking.
— Brian Purcell, MD, Big Picture Communications

I worked with Máire Treasa at a series of live fitness and well-being events nationwide and she ensured that events always looked like they were going smoothly, even if they weren’t. A total professional, she’s the rare combination of inspiring and fun, but it’s held together by a backbone of hard work and experience. I look forward to collaborating with her again in future and fully endorse her knowledge and skills.
— Tom Dalton, Founder TD Fitness